Making Your Own Home Page

Publishing Your Page 

Once you are done with your page, you need to post it on the Internet so that others can view it.  Netscape Communicator makes this very easy to do, with a feature called "Publish".  But before you can post your page you need to have a place on the Internet to post it.  As a member of RRCNET, you automatically get a place on the web to post your pages.  However, in order to activate that space, you must first contact RRCNET and tell us so.  To contact us, simply click "Send us e-mail" on the left side of your screen.  We will let you know when your account is ready for your web pages.  Once we let you know, you can do the following:
  1. Make sure your page has been saved.
  2. Click Publish  The following window will open:
  1. In the top blank, enter a title for your page.  If this isn't the first time you've published the file, you won't have to enter the title again.
  2. The next blank is where the filename goes.  If you've save the file, this will already be filled in.
  3. Having the next blank exactly correct is crucial.  You must have all of the correct punctuation and capitalization for it to work.  For RRCNET, the FTP location is this:

  4.[your username]/public_html
  5. Next, enter your username and password
  6. Make sure that there is a dot in the circle to the left of "Files associated with this page."
  7. Click OK.  Your page will then be published to RRCNET.  It could take several minutes.  If everything was right, it will tell you that the files uploaded successfully.  If not, you'll have to check to make sure you typed everything correctly.  Pay special attention to making sure you have the capitalization exactly right.
Congratulations!  You've just joined the millions of other people with home pages on the Internet.  To look at your page, type the following in for the location on your browser:[your username]/[filename]

Note that if you named your file "index.html", you won't need to include the filename on the end.  Once you have your page looking like you want it, be sure to send e-mail to us, to that your name can be added to our Personal Pages section.